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4 Essentials to Preparing Your Home For Baby

Getting ready for the newest member of your family can be both exciting and overwhelming. Beyond acquiring all of the latest and greatest baby gadgets and fixing up the nursery exactly as you imagined on Pinterest, there’s some important prep work to be done. You’ve got to get yourself and your home ready for your new little one! Here are some essential tasks that should be done before you bring that new bundle of joy into your home habitat.

Clean your habitat

Babies are susceptible to all sorts of things, which is why bringing them into a clean, chemicaland germ-free habitat is important. Beyond picking up, you’ll want to do a deep clean. But don’t go crazy with the chemicals. Harmful cleaning products and the fumes they produce are not good for a newborn baby. Tackle your deep clean using eco-friendly or less harsh chemicals.

Get rid of germs and bacteria

According to the National Sanitation Foundation, the areas of your home with the highest concentration of germs are not where you’d expect them to be. When you start the cleaning process, make sure you pay extra attention to the following areas.

  • Remote controls
  • Cell phones
  • Kitchen sponge/dishrag
  • Kitchen sink
  • Toothbrush holder
  • Pet bowl
  • Coffee reservoir
  • Door knobs
  • Pet toys
  • Countertops
  • Stove knobs
  • Cutting boards
Get rid of toxic dust bunnies

Make sure you dust everywhere. Areas you can’t see will be collecting the most dust.

  • Ceiling fans
  • Above kitchen cabinets
  • Under beds
  • Curtains
  • Under furnishings
  • Around fireplaces
  • Window sills
  • Lamp shades
  • Above and below refrigerator
  • Over electronics

Dusting is important. Household dust contains more than just dirt, it contains chemicals from a wide variety of products. Beauty products, cleaners, building materials, and home furnishings all shed chemicals that collect into dust bunnies throughout our home.

Clean the air

Once you’ve cleaned away the germs and dust bunnies, don’t forget the most important yet invisible piece of your habitat: the air. Using high-quality air filters is the best way to ensure the air in your home is clean. Don’t just change the air filter before the baby comes, make sure you are prepared to change it regularly so that your air stays clean.

The last thing you’ll want to deal with when you are running on 2 hours of sleep is getting fresh air filters every three months. Subscribe to a service that automatically delivers a fresh air filter to your home on schedule so the air in your little one’s home habitat stays healthy.

Baby proof your home

Your newborn can’t really go anywhere when they first come home, but that will change quicker than you think. It’s better to be prepared for a crawling and curious baby now before you have your hands full. Here are some ways to baby proof your home.

  • Comb through the house for toxic items to either toss or put out of reach.
  • Store cleaning products like laundry and dishwasher pods, and all medications out of sight and reach.
  • Get rid of any synthetic air fresheners and replace with essential oils instead (diffusers are great).
  • Check or install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.
  • Remove or put away anything in your home that is breakable.
  • Furniture with sharp corners should either be replaced or have edge guards.
  • Cover all electric sockets.
  • Install safety latches on all cabinets.
  • Make sure there are no dangling cords from blinds or appliances.

This may sound crazy, but try crawling around your space to make sure you’re not missing anything.

Prep the nursery

Your nursery needs to be baby ready, not just furnished and painted. Think about the space overall, is it set-up with everything you need for nursing, diaper changing, and bedtime?

Consider potential interruptions in naptime like noise and outside light. You might need to purchase items like blackout curtains and white noise makers.

You should also make sure the baby monitor is set-up and working properly, the changing table is set-up and stocked, and the crib is made. You essentially want to have everything ready to go for when you bring that new bundle of joy home.

Prepare for life changes

Things get crazy when you bring a baby into the picture. It suddenly becomes harder to accomplish normal tasks like cleaning and cooking. That’s why it’s important to ready yourself now before you’ve got your hands full with a newborn.


Undergo a few organizing sessions to ready your space for your little one. Make sure you know where everything is. Think about your new routines and rearrange things so that items you’ll need frequently are in convenient locations. For example, wipes or microfiber cloths for spills and messes should always be handy.

Meal prep

Cooking is another task that’s going to be difficult once that little one comes home. Save yourself some strife with a few meal prepping sessions. Make meals that can be frozen for easy reheating later. You can also prep freezer bags of meals that can go in the crock pot. The easier you make meal time the better.

Ready your guest room

Is mom coming for a visit once the baby is born? Get your guest bedroom and bathroom stocked and ready ahead of time. The last thing you want to worry about is having enough toilet paper or finding the sheets.

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